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The ultimate source of energy

have you ever asked yourself why the statement “energy cannot be created but can only be converted from one form to another”.

The ultimate source of energy is believed to have gotten it’s trace from the big bang theory, during the creation of the universe by whom? For me as a man of faith, I would say by God. But my fellow scientists who are free thinkers would say it’s nature, but nature was so organized, ordered and systemized that one will keep on asking, who must have engineered this kind of complex but meaningful project (the universe). After the volcanic eruption, atoms condense to form our elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, which polymerised to the formation of larger complex molecules both biomolecules and supramolecular consisting of our simple proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids down to the formation of cellular organelles and even simplest basic unit of living things itself (cell). So it is no doubt that the cell houses energy preferably chemical energy, electromagnetic energy. For complex multicellular organisms such as man, when he eats and digest food he is able to convert this chemical energy which is stored in the food to metabo energy by this simple molecules and when man needs to perform it’s daily work routine such as pedaling of a bicycle he converts this metabolic energy into a potential energy on the bicycle, and by pedaling the bicycle a mechanical energy is observed which further allows the chain or wheel on the bicycle to roll giving rise to a kinetic energy, and as he climbs the hill, he halts the pedaling to go down the hill returning back to a potential energy. Apparently the sun has been the ultimate reservoir of energy, passing it’s energy both directly and indirectly to man and plant. The plants uses the energy to make their own food and a reserve for the man in a process termed photosynthesis. The use of light from the sun to make or manufacture our common sugar in the presence of our common carbon dioxide and water molecules to give glucose and energy in form of ATP. While plants helps us with oxygen, they also help us absorbs carbon dioxide.

in summary energy has always been able to be converted to different forms because it can exist in different form, it could be in form of light, sound, electrons, chemical, heat, colors, waves. What matters most is that it is energy and is able to allow things to be done.

E= every

N= natural and non-natural

E= entity

R= reproducible, reconvertible, resonating, releasable

G= growable

Y= yieldable (able to be yielded)


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